And we’re back …

In a time of social distancing, we wanted to provide an outlet for students to reflect on this challenging time and hear the stories of their peers. Every week, we will broadcast the “Community Hot Line” for the Bricolage Community. Last week, we asked kids to share one really fun experience they had in this difficult week. Listen to their responses here.

Want to be on next week’s episode?

We want to hear from you! This is how it works.

  • We will send out a prompt via the family newsletter, Bricolage social media accounts, and grade specific Youtube channels. Our next prompt is “What are you doing to stay positive, healthy, and loud at home?”
  • Kids can independently write their response and practice so they are “radio ready”
  • When ready, kids can record by either A) Calling their response in to ‪(504) 571-9809‬ or B) recording their own audio file on personal phone/computer and sending that to If they decide to record on their own, the sound will be much more clear and “professional”

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